Are you wondering what size to get....

Below is a printable wrist ruler that will assist with selecting your size.

*The bracelet sizes provided below are based on the wrist of average adults and should be used as a guideline only.

To ensure the bracelet fits comfortably, please measure your wrist by clicking the printable measuring tool below.

Generally- A 6-inch wrist is considered small.

A 7-inch wrist is average & an 8-inch wrist or bigger is considered large.

General Bracelet Size Chart:

Women XS - fits wrist between (5.5") - (6.0")
Women S - fits wrist between (6.0") - (6.5")
Women M - fits wrist between (6.5") - (7")
Womens/ Mens L - fits wrist between (7") - (7.5")
Womens/ Mens XL - fits wrist between (7.5") - (8.0")
Womens/ Mens XXL - fits wrist between (8.0") - (8.5")

*** For additional sizing, or questions regarding your measurements, please contact Client Support. 

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