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My Charmed Arm handcrafts & designs beautiful jewelry featuring AAA Natural Stones, Crystals & Unique Charms!


You'll find a variety of items for women, men & children, most which feature Sterling Silver Swarovski ® Crystals charms.

We are delighted that you've taken time to view our gallery and we can't wait to Charm Your Arm or the Arm of a special recipient! 

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Local Pop ups & More!

Enjoy our collection & don't forget to join our Charming rewards program, so you can earn gems on every purchase!


~MCA Charmers

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At 1st glance... If My Charmed Arm® were a person, which of the following adjectives do you feel would best describe The Brand's personality?
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Claim your New Year deal today, while our quaint pieces are still available!

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